About Us

SME HUB represents a unique endeavor aimed at making significant transformations in one of the most crucial parts of the Serbian economy – the small and medium-sized enterprises sector. The project’s goal is to further enhance their business operations, skills, and capacities, enabling them to meet the requirements and criteria for collaboration with multinational and large domestic companies operating in Serbia.


The SME HUB team comprises experts with decades of experience in various industries, manufacturing activities, and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, ready to meet all market demands. Through careful selection of local small and medium-sized enterprises, the SME HUB team creates a database of potential suppliers tailored to the needs of multinational and large domestic companies. This support facilitates the establishment of collaboration with suitable local suppliers, potentially shortening supply chains, delivery times, and gaining better control over production processes and costs. On the other hand, small and medium-sized enterprises will have a unique opportunity, through SME HUB, to leverage their potential and further develop themselves to become competitive in the global market and create opportunities for business expansion.


The “SME HUB” Project is the result of a public-private partnership between the Swiss Government,represented by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and the Serbian company ICT HUB.

Swiss Government

Switzerland and Serbia have had a long-standing partnership since 1991, with financial assistance exceeding 400 million euros. Switzerland is one of the most important bilateral donors. Serbia will remain a priority country for cooperation in the Swiss program with Eastern Europe in the upcoming period.


Building on Switzerland’s long-term presence in the country and previous achievements, the Swiss Cooperation Program for Serbia for 2022-25, with a total budget of around 95 million euros, will contribute to sustainable development and inclusive growth, while promoting democratic processes to support Serbia’s progress towards European standards and values.


More information about SDC can be found here.

About ICT Hub

ICT Hub is a story of exchange and growth through change. It was created to foster exchange among creative individuals who understand each other well. Started in 2014 as a center for innovation and tech entrepreneurship, we bring people, startup teams, companies, and organizations together and provide them with consultations, education, and support. We have quickly grown to become a key player in the local and regional ecosystem.


Today, we are a team dedicated to unlocking the potential of people and businesses, from small teams to corporations. In times of change, we help them adapt, recognize opportunities, and grow.


More information about ICT Hub can be found here.

Our Team


Aleksandar Goračinov

Project Director


dr Vladimir Matović

Senior business transformation expert


Ana Jovanović

Communication manager


Ivana Kaljević

Business transformation consultant


Natalija Golović

Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator


Marina Blagojević

Project coordinator